Container Brewing Releases Beauty Within Ugly Fruit Beer, Title Fight Blueberry Stout & Depths of Joy Fruit Sour

VANCOUVER, BC – Container Brewing has announced the release of three limited edition fruit-infused ales.

Beauty Within Ugly Fruit Beer (4.2% abv):

We believe every piece of fruit is beautiful on the inside and have partnered with Trendi to create this deliciously tropical and crushable fruit beer, made exclusively from rescued “ugly” fruit and transformed into something truly beautiful. Enjoy this sessionable fruit forward beer with distinct notes of guava and soursop with hints of lemon and complementary citrus forward hops.

Title Fight Blueberry Stout (6.5% abv):

A deliciously rich and full-bodied stout featuring dark chocolate and vanilla notes, with a delightful, lightly sweet blueberry finish from a hearty addition of real blueberries.

Depths of Joy Fruit Sour (5% abv):

Immerse yourself in a dark fruit sour beer that intertwines luscious blueberries, black currant, and cherries in a harmonious symphony. A well-calibrated tartness harmonizes with delicate sweetness, accented by whispers of caramelized sugar. Softened by nuanced wheat and rye notes, it offers a velvety mouthfeel – savour the twilight embrace of flavours.

All three beers are available now at the Container taproom and retail store, and select private beer retailers in British Columbia.

Source & Photos: Container Brewing

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