Unibroue Releases Cans of Don de Dieu, Trois Pistoles & Eau Bénite

CHAMBLY, QC – Unibroue has announced that three of its best-known Belgian-style ales – including one that hasn’t been available for several years – are now being packaged in cans for the first time.

From the press release:

In the Belgian brewing tradition, refermentation in the bottle plays a fundamental role in terms of the texture and taste of the beer. This natural gasification technique produces a velvety texture with finer bubbles and a more delicate taste. This also enhances aromas and offers a unique tasting experience.

As a pioneer in the brewing industry in Quebec, Unibroue was in 2020 the first in the country to master the refermentation of Belgian-type beers in cans, which many in the industry believed impossible to do. Countless hours of research, development and innovation went into a product that fully preserves its great taste, even served in a can.

In response to consumer expectations and market demands, Unibroue is proud to announce the availability in cans of three other must-have beers. Regulars will be delighted to find the same rich and velvety texture of Don de Dieu (9% abv) and Trois Pistoles (9% abv), and a whole new generation of drinkers will finally be able to discover Eau Bénite (7.7% abv), a rare example of a lower-alcohol Belgian Triple, which is now permanently back!

Don de Dieu, Trois Pistoles, and Eau Bénite are available now in 4-packs of cans at select beer retailers and grocery stores throughout Quebec.

Source & Photo: Unibroue

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