Banished Brewing and Lone Oak Brewing Release Mustard Pickles Triple IPA

PARADISE, NL – Banished Brewing has announced the release of a new collaboration with PEI’s Lone Oak Brewing that is named after a popular East Coast condiment.

Mustard Pickles Triple IPA (10.1% abv):

This week on Land & Sea, a tale of islands, friendship, tradition, and packing a beer with more hops than ever before. It’s a tale of a staple cuisine that has brought families together for generations and caused an uproar not seen since the moratorium when they were discontinued. This beer contains no mustard or pickles, instead it represents a way of life, because for some, a life without mustard pickles is no life at all.

Citra, Talus, these are hops traditionally used in the production of beer, and as Lone Oak and Banished will tell you, that’s no different here. This brew contains more hops than any beer they’ve brewed before it, and if that doesn’t keep you up at night, then maybe the beer’s alcohol content will. These Mustard Pickles are different than the ones your nan used to make, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t for nans. Some nans, including the one depicted here, prefer this version to the traditional, and that is ok.

Mustard Pickles is available now at the Banished Brewing taproom, retail shop, and online store, and select beer retailers in Newfoundland.

Source & Photo: Banished Brewing

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