Hop Bomb Apparel Co. Releases Canadian Beer Day Collection

CORNWALL, ON – Beer-themed clothing brand Hop Bomb Apparel Co. has announced the release of a limited edition collection in partnership with Canadian Beer Day, an annual event arranged by industry organization Beer Canada to “celebrate Canadian beer and the people who brew it, sell it, deliver it, serve it and drink it.”

The collection features t-shirts and hoodies with the Canadian Beer Day logo, with customers encouraged to “post a photo on social media and use #CanadianBeerDay and #HereForBeer to help spread the word that beer brings people together.”

Canadian Beer Day happens annually on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving – October 3rd this year – and the theme for 2023 is Passion & Pride: The People Behind Canadian Beer, which the announcement describes as “a celebration of the people involved in crafting our nation’s favourite beverage, from the dedicated farmers growing the finest grains to the skilled bartenders expertly pouring pints.”

The Canadian Beer Day collection is available now from Hop Bomb Apparel. For more details on Canadian Beer Day, see the event website.

Source & Photo: Hop Bomb Apparel Co.

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