Something In The Water Brewing Releases The Oise Summer Ale

TORONTO, ON – Something In The Water Brewing has announced a new beer that was released last week in the final days of the season it’s named for.

The Oise Summer Ale (4.4% abv):

The Oise, pronounced “Wahz,” is a river that crosses the border of Belgium and France, the place a style of beer known as Grisette was founded. Like a smaller saison, the beer is made with a blend of pilsner and wheat malts and an authentic saison yeast strain. But we tackled it a bit less-than-traditionally with three very unique hops: American Amarillo in the boil, a dry hop using Gemini hops from Elk Meadows Hops in Michigan, and a special Centennial Hop Hash from Tavistock Hop Farms. It’s all fermented with an authentic saison strain.

Made for the refreshment after a day’s work, this beer combines everything you need for those end of summer and beginning of fall workouts and work days: It’s light in alcohol, it’s full flavoured, and it’s effervescent. A great combo to cut your thirst.

The Oise Summer Ale is available now at both Something In The Water locations, and the brewery’s online shop.

Source & Photo: Something In The Water Brewing

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