Bickford Brewing Launches in Toronto with Dog Park Pale Ale

TORONTO, ON – A new brewing company focussed on making “very small quantities of very good beer” has launched its first brand in Toronto.

Bickford Brewing has been founded by Andrew McCready, a veteran home-brewer who has won numerous awards for his beers, and is named after Bickford Park, the West Toronto neighbourhood that McCready calls home.

Dog Park Pale Ale (5.3% abv) is brewed under contract using 100% Ontario-grown hops, and is described simply as being “balanced as they come.”

Dog Park Pale Ale is currently available at Ambassador Pizza (946 Bloor St. W.) and other select licensees in Toronto. For more details, see the Bickford Brewing website and Instagram page.

Source & Photo: Bickford Brewing

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