Something In The Water Brewing Releases Devil’s Kettle Blood Red Ale

TORONTO & KINGSTON, ON – Something In The Water Brewing has announced details of a new beer that suitably debuted on Friday October 13th.

Devil’s Kettle Blood Red Ale (5.2% abv):

Devil’s Kettle is a Red Ale brewed with unique red malts, oats, rye, and an English yeast strain. It’s a perfect entry into fall with its warming flavours of burnt caramel, raisins, and black pepper, and an inviting aroma of sherry and cotton candy.

What’s with the name? Minnesota’s Devil’s Kettle is a waterfall whose water falls into a hole in a rock and… disappears. People have tried everything from throwing sticks to GPS trackers to coloured dyes into Devils Kettle in hopes of uncovering where the water goes to, and have failed every time. Leaving some to wonder if the water doesn’t flow straight to… well, you get the point.

Devil’s Kettle is available now at both Something In The Water locations, and the brewery’s online shop.

Source & Photo: Something In The Water Brewing

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