Blindman Brewing Releases Fresh Hop IPA

LACOMBE, AB – Blindman Brewing has announced the release of a new beer that celebrates this year’s hops harvest.

Fresh Hop IPA (5% abv):

In most of our brews throughout the year we use hop pellets: hops that were harvested months ago, then crushed and compacted into packages of pellets that live in our freezer for most of their lives. It’s cost-effective, consistent, and it’s just how the industry works. But once a year, we get to literally pick fresh, whole cone hops off the bine in the morning, bring them to the brewery and brew with them in the afternoon. Fresh hop brew day is easily the best-smelling day of the year at the brewery, and this year it produced one particularly amazing beer. Using only freshly picked hops from our friends at Hop To It farms in Central Alberta, we present to you what our brewers all agree is our finest fresh hop beer to date. At only 5%, it’s one of our most sessionable IPA’s ever and we can’t wait for our fellow hop heads to taste it.

Fresh Hop IPA is available now in the Blindman taproom, retail shop, and online store, and soon at select beer retailers in Alberta.

Source & Photo: Blindman Brewing

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