Cameron’s Brewing Releases I ❤️ Craft Beer Volume 2 Mixed Pack

OAKVILLE, ON – Cameron’s Brewing has announced the release of a new sampler pack featuring two core brands and four new beers.

The I ❤️ Craft Beer Volume 2 Mixed Pack includes cans of year-round beers Ambear Red Ale (5% abv) and Jurassic IPA (6.8% abv), plus the following seasonals.

Foreczech Czech Style Lager (5% abv):

Inspired by the birthplace of lager, where beer is aged in caves & barrels for months, we draw on this profound knowledge & tradition. Using floor malt barley & CZ Saab hops, we’ve crafted a bold golden structure that boasts steadfast flavour, affirmed bitterness & a floral aroma.

Switch 360 Belgian Style IPA ​​​(6.5% abv):

Like a rad monk, this unique beer perfectly blends traditional Belgian brewing techniques with a modern twist. Belgian yeast character is forward, accompanied by a candied fruit body & ample citrus dry hop creating a modern take of two distinctive styles. Explore a region of new beer complexity that is golden in colour, & rich in flavour.

Chockie Wockie Chocolate Milkshake Stout (5.8% abv):

Like the mysterious Sasquatch, our Chockie Wockie Chocolate Milkshake Stout is a rare creature to behold! Dark colour, creamy, rich mouth feel with roasted malts & chocolatey richness. This sweet & savoury stout is a decadent treat!

Crown Jewel Nut Brown Ale (5% abv):

You don’t have to be in a majestic English Pub to enjoy a perfect pint of ale. Crown Jewel is a malty treat with roasted notes & a nut-like character. English Ale yeast is the backbone of fruity esters, creating a beer perfect for lunch or dinner.

I ❤️ Craft Beer Volume 2 is available now at the Cameron’s retail store and online shop, and select LCBO locations.

Source & Photos: Cameron’s Brewing

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