Wellington Brewery Releases 2023 Edition of M31 Imperial Stout Series

GUELPH, ON – Wellington Brewery has announced this year’s edition of its annual series of limited edition barrel-aged imperial stouts.

The M31 Series is named after one of the original astronomical identifiers of the Andromeda Galaxy, and the 2023 edition includes a trio of beers.

M31 Andromeda (10.9% abv):

The original bourbon barrel-aged version with notes of bourbon, chocolate, and toasted walnuts on the nose. This decadent full-bodied stout has smoke and butterscotch on the initial taste and finishes with caramel and rich chocolate flavours.

M31 Sirrah (10.9% abv):

The return of the Mexican-style hot chocolate version of M31 that features cinnamon, cocoa, vanilla, and spicy chillies. It’s a perfect blend of sweetness and spice on top of the rich smoky bourbon character.

M31 Nembus (10.9% abv):

A fresh and unique take on our M31 Imperial Stout features lemon and blueberry flavours. This one-of-a-kind imperial stout is reminiscent of chocolate covered blueberries with rich cocoa and coffee notes along with a fresh lemon-citrus hit on the finish.

This year’s M31 series is available now in individual 355 ml cans at the Wellington Brewery retail store and online shop, along with a special gift pack with the three beers and a branded glass that will also be available at select LCBO locations.

For more details, see the M31 info page on the Wellington website.

Source & Photo: Wellington Brewery

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