Unfiltered Brewing and Compass Distillers Release Whiskey-Beer and Beer-Whiskey

HALIFAX, NS – Unfiltered Brewing and Compass Distillers have announced the release of a two-part collaboration that has been several years in the making.

Whiskey-Beer (10% abv) and Beer-Whiskey (46% abv):

In 2018, Unfiltered made an Imperial Brown Ale. In 2019, Compass distilled the beer into whiskey and matured it in oak barrels until early 2023. Then Unfiltered retrieved the barrels and filled them with Twelve Years to Zion DIPA for eight months. Finally, Unfiltered has a delicious 10% Whiskey-Beer, and Compass has a much stronger Beer-Whiskey.

Whiskey-Beer is available now at the Unfiltered retail store and adjacent Charm School pub, and Beer-Whiskey is available at Compass.

Source & Photo: Unfiltered Brewing

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