The Establishment Brewing Company Brings Back Cherry-Coloured Funk Wild Beer

CALGARY, AB – The Establishment Brewing Company has announced a new vintage of a wild beer that was previously released last year to mark the brewery’s 3rd anniversary.

Cherry-Coloured Funk (5.6% abv):

Bright, bubbly, and popping with cherries, this funky riff on a Belgian Kriek is a little sweeter and more complex than last year’s beer by the same name. This year we swapped a third of the sour cherries for sweet ones and arrived somewhere beautifully reminiscent of spiced cherry pie and amaretto. As with last year’s spin on a Belgian Kriek, we used Lambic-inspired beers for the base and refermented the lot of it on loads of whole cherries for a real long time—hence the hue.

Besides the fruit flux, another twist in this iteration was in favour (and flavour!) of using more mature mixed culture beers as a base. As a result, it’s got lower acidity and more balance than its precursor. Sip the two fraternal twins side by side and let us know what differences you’re able to discern.

Cherry-Coloured Funk is available now at the Establishment retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: The Establishment Brewing Company

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