Chronicle Brewing Releases Channel Divinity IPA

BOWMANVILLE, ON – Chronicle Brewing has announced the latest release in the Adventurer Series of small batch IPAs.

Channel Divinity IPA (6.2% abv):

What is Channel Divinity you ask? For the uninitiated, Channel Divinity is a powerful class feature found in the role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons. This extraordinary ability allows clerics and paladins to channel divine energy into an array of magical effects.

We’ve hopped Channel Divinity with an exotic mix of Riwaka, Nectaron, and El Dorado. This heavenly trio ensures that every sip bursts with massive aromas of juicy stone fruit, sweet tropical citrus, green mango, and an underlying whiff of resin!⁠

Channel Divinity is available now at the Chronicle taproom, retail store, and online shop.

Source & Photo: Chronicle Brewing

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