The Establishment Brewing Company Releases Dark Paradise Coconut Rye Stout

CALGARY, AB – The Establishment Brewing Company has announced the release of its newest limited edition seasonal beer.

Dark Paradise Coconut Rye Stout (7% abv):

Coconut Stouts are certified crowd pleasers, and this dark pour is no exception—but it is exceptional. By adding rye to the mix, we gave the creamy, dreamy coconut something a little spicier to contrast with than the Stout style’s signature roasty, toasty realness. We added a lovely bunch of coconuts post fermentation to keep the fruit flavour clean and clear within this almost black beer. When poured correctly, it has a beautiful, toasted-marshmallow coloured head that lingers as long as the coconut oil lets it.

Dark Paradise is available now at the Establishment retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: The Establishment Brewing Company

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