Eastbound Brewing & Sawdust City Brewing Release 7th Annual Sam & Dave Holiday Collaboration

TORONTO, ON – Sawdust City Brewing and Eastbound Brewing have announced the release of their 7th annual holiday collaboration beer.

For the 2023 release in the Sam & Dave Series – named after head brewers Sam Corbeil and Dave Lee, with a nod to the legendary soul duo – the breweries have created Wrap it Up for the Holidays Belgian Spiced Pear Saison (6.5% abv):

The stage is set with ginger, cinnamon, and a touch of pear juice concentrate, creating a flavor profile that’s a medley of holiday delights. The ginger adds a zesty kick, like a lively elf doing a jig on your taste buds. Cinnamon? It’s the cozy hug of a warm fireplace on a chilly winter’s night. And the pear? That’s the fruity guest who just rolled in with a sweet surprise, like finding an extra present under the tree..

Wrap It Up is available now at the Eastbound taproom and online shop. It will also be one of the beers featured at Feastbound Christmas 2023, a four course dinner and beer pairing event taking place at Eastbound Brewing on Wednesday November 29th.

Source & Photo: Eastbound Brewing

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