Wheelhouse Brewing Launching “When it Rains, We Pour” Promotion

PRINCE RUPERT, BCWheelhouse Brewing has announced the launch of a new promotion during which bad weather will be good news for customers.

“When It Rains, We Pour” is described as follows:

From November 24, 2023 to February 29, 2024, Wheelhouse Brewing will be measuring rainfall outside the brewery’s window using a “high-tech” apparatus, known more commonly as a pint glass. Every Friday morning, they’ll start with an empty glass and any time before Thursday closing that the precipitation collected reaches any of the three markers on the glass, the brewery will offer discounts on 16oz pints of their Flagship Pale Ale.

If the rain exceeds 60 mm, the price drops by 50 cents. When it hits 100 mm, they’ll take $1 off. And, in the case that the rain collected hits the third marker (get the lifeboats ready), they’ll drop the price by $2.

“Everyone knows we get our fair share of rain through the winter months, so it helps to have a glass-half-full attitude toward the rain,” says Wheelhouse partner, Kent Orton, in a statement. “As our brewery is a real community gathering place, we wanted to create a little bright spot for Prince Rupert – and make sure there was an upside to every downpour.”

For more details and to view the rain gauge in real time, see the “When It Rains, We Pour” page on the Wheelhouse website.

Source & Photo: Wheelhouse Brewing

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