Refined Fool Brewing Releases AI Light & Juicy IPA

SARNIA, ON – Refined Fool Brewing has announced the newest release in its Tiny Batch Series of limited run beers.

AI Light & Juicy IPA (3.5% abv) has the following ChatGPT-generated description:

Experience AI Light & Juicy IPA, a beer named for its artificial intelligence-inspired approach to flavour. Enjoy notes of pineapple, passionfruit, and fresh crushed gooseberries for a light yet juicy, refreshing IPA. Cracking open an AI beer is like having a conversation with a robot bartender – it pours wisdom, never judges your taste in jokes, and guarantees a byte-sized buzz without any software updates! It’s not artificial intelligence; it’s ale-mented brilliance in a pint.

Tracksuit is available now at all Refined Fool locations and the brewery’s online store.

Source & Photo: Refined Fool Brewing

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