Dageraad Brewing Releases Eight Holiday Beers for 2023

BURNABY, BC – Dageraad Brewing has announced the release of eight new and returning – and mostly very strong – beers to help celebrate the holiday season.

Anno 2023 (8.5% abv):

It’s hard to believe, but this is the 10th Anno! Our classic strong golden ale with pears and (since 2017) brettanomyces is coming back to your table at Christmas dinner, to be your midnight celebratory drink on New Years, or however you fit it into your annual traditions.

Entropy Series No. 27: 12° (11.8% abv):

This is the end of the line in our 6°/8°/10°/12° series of strong dark Belgian-style ales. Inspired by the dubbels and quadrupels made by Belgian monks, and by the funkier beers made by De Dolle Brouwers: this is a mixed-culture fermented version of a quadrupel. Fermented with a Belgian yeast that produces a very plummy ester, 12° was conditioned with lactic-acid bacteria to add a light tartness and brighten up this profound beer.

Entropy Series No. 30: Cara Cara (6.4% abv):

A mixed-culture ale aged in gin barrels one year a culture of brettanomyces and lactobacillus before being transferred on to Cara Cara oranges for 24 weeks. It’s citrusy, botanical and nuanced.

Entropy Series No. 31: Balaton 12° (10.5% abv):

Last year we took a few hundred litres of 12° and left it to age on second-use balaton cherries for most of the year. To our surprise, the beer actually got diluted by the cherries and ended up less strong than it went in. What was not surprising is that it did get more delicious. The cherries were previously used in a very cherry-forward beer, but they still had plenty of flavour to contribute. They add a nice tartly fruity note to this already complex, tart and plummy beer.

Entropy Series No. 32: Pirate’s Solace (11.8% abv):

Last year’s Sterke Soelaas was delicious indeed. The whole idea of that beer was to make a strong, slightly roasty beer and flavour it with raisins and the spices from grandma’s oatmeal cookies. And what goes better with grandma’s cookies than good, dark rum? Nothing, it turns out. And nothing goes better with Sterke Soelaas than a good rum barrel.

Entropy Series No. 33: Kentucky Quad (14.1% abv):

This is the 2022 batch of 10° aged in better bourbon barrels than we had any right to expect to be able to get, which added notes of vanilla and whiskey to an already excellent beer.

Entropy Series No. 22 Batch 3: The Vast Indifference of Cacao Nibs (13% abv):

You can tell we think this beer is a good idea because it’s the third time we’ve made it. We took our delicious brett imperial stout with cherries and put it in a bourbon barrel with some Ghanaian cacao nibs. Lab analysis shows that this year’s batch is considerably stronger than previous batches. I know not why. There must have been some magical elves at work in the barrel, working to brighten your holidays by making this beer even better than last year’s.

Dageraad vs. Brassneck: Over the Edge of Belligerence (14.5% abv):

We took a portion of the batch of the Very Large Stout called Edge of Belligerence that we brewed with Brassneck back in January 2023, and aged it for a while in rum barrels. It is now a Ludicrously Large Rum-Barrel-Aged Stout. In keeping with the first version of this beer, we’ve packaged this in 355ml cans. Good luck with that.

All eight beers are available now individually and in several gift pack configurations at the Dageraad tasting room and online shop.

Source & Photo: Dageraad Brewing

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