Studio Brewing Closing Down in Burnaby, BC

BURNABY, BC – After almost three years in business in South Burnaby, Studio Brewing has announced that it will be ceasing operations later this month.

In a statement posted on Instagram and Facebook, brewery owners Mark Quinlan, Andrew Somers, and Matt Leslie cited a combination of factors behind the closure:

These challenging times have unfortunately been too much for our little business to survive, much less thrive, but we hold our heads high knowing we did everything we could. After opening in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we knew the timing wasn’t ideal, but certainly did not expect this. Costly delays towards opening, consumer preference shifting away from craft beer, and challenging economic times produced an unbeatable combination for us. It takes years to open a brewery, and unfortunately you don’t get to choose when you open or what the environment will look like when you do.

The announcement goes on to offer “a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to anyone who ever walked through our doors to give us a try”, and also praises the brewery staff who “made people feel at home the minute they walked in the door, educated them on how and why ‘beer comes first’, and ensured our product was elite.”

The final day of service at Studio Brewing will be on Friday December 22nd. For more details, see the full announcement.

Source & Photo: Studio Brewing

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