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The Collingwood Brewery and Black Bellows Brewing Release Lil’ Zippy Key Lime Witbier

By CBN • June 24, 2020

COLLINGWOOD, ON – The Collingwood Brewery has announced the release of a new “socially distant collaboration” with Black Bellows Brewing.
Lil’ Zippy Key Lime Witbier (4.2% abv) is …

Black Bellows Brewing Now Open in Collingwood, Ontario

By CBN • January 20, 2020

COLLINGWOOD, ON – Four years after launching as a contract brewer, and a year after announcing plans for a physical brewpub location, Black Bellows Brewing has announced that …

Black Bellows Brewing Opening Brewpub in Collingwood

By CBN • March 21, 2019

COLLINGWOOD, ON – Three years after launching as a contract brewer, Black Bellows Brewing has announced plans to open a physical location later this year.
Construction …

Black Bellows Brewing Debuts in Collingwood

By CBN • May 16, 2016

COLLINGWOOD, ON – Ontario Beverage Network reports that a new brewing company has launched in Collingwood, and has released its first beer to licensees …