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Brew Culture Announces Partnership with Yakima Chief Hops

By CBN • February 4, 2019

BRACEBRIDGE, ON & VANCOUVER, BC – Brewing supply company Brew Culture has announced a new partnership with one of North America’s top hops suppliers.
Effective last week, Brew …

Brew Culture Announces White Labs Partnership & New HomeBrew Culture Division

By CBN • April 17, 2018

BRACEBRIDGE, ON & VANCOUVER, BC – Brewing supply company Brew Culture has announced a new partnership with one of the world’s top yeast suppliers, …

Parallel 49 & Brew Culture Release Nine Brewery Collaboration Beer

By CBN • September 29, 2017

VANCOUVER, BC – Parallel 49 Brewing and brewing supply company Brew Culture have announced the release of a new beer brewed in collaboration with eight other local …