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Three Kingdoms Beer Releases Ninja Panda West Coast IPA

By CBN • June 30, 2020

VANCOUVER, BC – Three Kingdoms Beer has announced the release of it’s newest brand.
Ninja Panda West Coast IPA (7% abv) is described as follows:
If you wish …

Canadian Chapters of Pink Boots Society Announce Release Plans for Collaboration Brew Day Beers

By CBN • March 29, 2019

TORONTO, ON & CALGARY, AB & VANCOUVER, BC – Three Canadian chapters of the Pink Boots Society (PBS) – an international organization for women who work in …

Boombox Brewing Returns & Releases Cans of Rad Seeker IPA

By CBN • August 28, 2017

VANCOUVER, BC – Two months after the end of a year-long term at co-op/contract facility Callister Brewing, Vancouver’s Boombox Brewing has returned at a new home …

Dogwood Brewing Hosting Brew Day for International Women’s Collaboration Brew

By CBN • March 2, 2016

VANCOUVER, BC – Dogwood Brewing has announced that it will be hosting a brew day this weekend to make this year’s version of the International Women’s Collaboration Brew.
Taking …

Dogwood Brewing Now Open in Vancouver

By CBN • April 10, 2015

VANCOUVER, BC – The latest e-newsletter from CAMRA Vancouver reports that another new brewery has opened in Vancouver, with this one being the first …