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Labatt Breweries and Letterkenny Releasing Puppers Golden Lager

By CBN • June 15, 2021

TORONTO, ON – New Metric Media, the producers of hit comedy series Letterkenny, have announced the return of the real world version of the beer brand …

The Beer Store Reports More Than $50 Million Loss in 2020

By CBN • April 8, 2021

TORONTO, ON – The Beer Store, the Ontario retail chain majority owned by Molson Coors and Labatt/AB InBev, has reported an operating loss of …

Turning Point Brewery Workers Join Service Employees International Union Local 2

By CBN • October 30, 2020

VANCOUVER, BC – The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 2 has announced that workers at Turning Point Brewery have joined its ranks in what it …

Labatt Breweries Launches Budweiser Zero in Canada

By CBN • September 16, 2020

TORONTO, ON – Labatt Breweries has announced the official launch of a new non-alcoholic beer brand in the Canadian market.
Budweiser Zero (0% abv) is described …

The Champlain Society “Witness to Yesterday” Podcast Looks at History of Labatt Breweries

By CBN • August 27, 2020

TORONTO, ON – The Champlain Society, a non-profit organization with a mission “to increase public awareness of, and accessibility to, Canada’s rich store of …

Labatt Breweries Acquires Banded Peak Brewing

By CBN • January 30, 2020

CALGARY, AB – Labatt Breweries of Canada – a division of multinational brewing company AB InBev – has announced that it has purchased Calgary’s Banded Peak Brewing.
Launched in 2016 …

“Brewed in the North: A History of Labatt’s” by Matthew J. Bellamy Now Available

By CBN • October 16, 2019

MONTREAL, QC – McGill–Queen’s University Press has announced the release of a new book that “traces the birth, growth, and demise of one of the …

Bud Light Orange Now Available in Canada

By CBN • April 9, 2019

TORONTO, ON – Labatt Breweries has announced that another flavoured beer in the Bud Light brand family is now available in Canada.
Bud Light Orange (4% abv) is described as …

Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager Now Available in Western Canada

By CBN • November 6, 2018

TORONTO, ON – Labatt Breweries of Canada has announced that the latest release in the Budweiser Reserve series of premium beers is now available in Western Canada.
Budweiser …

Goose Island Midway ISA Now Available in Canada

By CBN • April 6, 2018

TORONTO, ON – Labatt Breweries has announced that it has launched another brand from Chicago’s Goose Island Beer Co. into the Canadian marketplace.
Midway ISA (4.6% abv, 30 IBU) is described …