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Lot 30 Brewers Closes Down in Toronto

By CBN • August 19, 2019

TORONTO, ON – Just over a year after opening, west end Toronto brewpub and restaurant Lot 30 Brewers has closed for business.
Lot 30 was opened …

Lot 30 Brewers Opening This Weekend in Toronto

By CBN • May 3, 2018

TORONTO, ON – A long-planned brewery in Toronto’s west end is finally about to launch, albeit under a different name and slightly different ownership …

303 Lansdowne Launching Brewing Program & Rebranding as Lot 30 Brewers

By CBN • March 22, 2018

TORONTO, ON – Ontario Beverage Network reports that a long-planned brewery in Toronto’s Brockton Village neighbourhood will finally be operating soon, although under a …