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Red Circle Brewing Relaunches as Stockyards Brewing and Announces Expansion Plans

By CBN • April 27, 2021

KITCHENER, ON – Red Circle Brewing, and its sibling operation Red Circle Coffee, have announced a name change, as well as ambitious expansion plans.
Renamed Stockyards Brewing …

Red Circle Brewing and Waterloo Brewing Release Flat White Stout

By CBN • February 2, 2021

KITCHENER, ON – Red Circle Brewing and Waterloo Brewing have announced the release of the latest beer in its Fathers & Sons collaboration series, so named due …

Wellington Brewery Releases Welly Can Land Craft Beer Board Game

By CBN • September 8, 2020

GUELPH, ON – While Wellington Brewery has had to cancel this year’s edition of its annual Welly Cask Fest due to COVID-19, it has announced a new …

Red Circle Brewing Releases Purple Haze Blackberry IPA for 2nd Anniversary

By CBN • July 29, 2020

KITCHENER, ON – Red Circle Brewing has announced the release of a new beer to mark its 2nd anniversary.
Purple Haze Blackberry IPA (6% abv) was brewed in …

Red Circle Brewing and Beer. Diversity. Bring Back Ren West Coast IPA

By CBN • June 25, 2020

KITCHENER, ON – Red Circle Brewing has announced the return of a beer brewed in partnership with Ren Navarro of Beer. Diversity.
Ren West Coast IPA (7% abv) is …

Red Circle Brewing Releases Four Barrels Imperial Stout

By CBN • December 18, 2019

KITCHENER, ON – Red Circle Brewing has announced the release of its latest limited edition seasonal beer.
Four Barrels Imperial Stout (8% abv) is described as follows:
This 2019 …

Red Circle Brewing Opening Next Month in Kitchener

By CBN • July 27, 2018

KITCHENER, ON – A new brewery that is looking to the past for inspiration is preparing to open next month in Kitchener.
Red Circle Brewing …