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Refined Fool Brewing Opens Second Location in Sarnia

By CBN • December 21, 2017

SARNIA, ON – Refined Fool Brewing has announced via social media that its second location is now open at 1326 London Road in Sarnia.
As announced earlier this year, …

Refined Fool Receives City Approval for Second Location

By CBN • March 1, 2017

SARNIA, ON – Blackburn News reports that Refined Fool Brewing has received approval from Sarnia city council to open a second brewing facility at 1326 London Road, a location that …

Refined Fool Taking Another Shot at Second Location

By CBN • January 18, 2017

SARNIA, ON – Two months after cancelling plans to open a second location in downtown Sarnia due to issues with the building owner, Refined Fool Brewing is now …

Refined Fool Brewing Puts Expansion Plans On Hold

By CBN • November 21, 2016

SARNIA, ON – The Sarnia Journal reports that Refined Fool Brewing has set aside plans to open a second location in the city’s downtown, and is now …

Refined Fool Brewing Receives City Approval for Second Location

By CBN • September 13, 2016

SARNIA, ON – Blackburn News reports that Refined Fool Brewing has received approval from Sarnia council to open a second location in the city’s downtown.
Co-owner Nathan Colquhoun …

Refined Fool Announces LCBO Release for Noble Oaf Rye Saison

By CBN • May 14, 2015

SARNIA, ON – Just a year after opening in downtown Sarnia, Refined Fool Brewing has announced that one of its beers is now available …

Refined Fool Brewing Opening Today in Sarnia, Ontario

By CBN • May 2, 2014

SARNIA, ON – In a rare example of a new brewery opening on schedule, Sarnia’s Refined Fool Brewing will be opening today, meeting the …

Refined Fool Brewing Aiming for May Opening in Sarnia

By CBN • March 7, 2014

SARNIA, ON – According to a recent article on Blackburn News, a group of ten partners will soon being opening the first brewery in …