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Bushwakker Brewing Releasing 2019 Edition of Missiletow Christmas Ale

By CBN • December 12, 2019

REGINA, SK – Following the overnight line-up and excitement for last weekend’s annual Blackberry Mead release at Bushwakker Brewing, this year’s batch of the brewery’s “second most …

Bushwakker Brewing Announces 2019 Vintage of Blackberry Mead

By CBN • December 3, 2019

REGINA, SK – Bushwakker Brewpub has announced that this year’s vintage of the extremely popular  Bushwakker Blackberry Mead (10% abv) – created using 400 pounds of Lumsden Valley …

Prairie Sun Brewery Opens New Location in Central Saskatoon

By CBN • November 7, 2019

SASKATOON, SK – A year-and-a-half after it was first announced, Prairie Sun Brewery has opened the doors of its new location on Broadway Avenue in Saskatoon.
Built on …

Bushwakker Brewing Releasing 50th Anniversary Beer for Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild

By CBN • October 18, 2019

REGINA, SK – Bushwakker Brewing has announced the release of a new limited edition beer to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild.
Unreliable Narrator is “an …

Bushwakker Brewing Releasing 2019 Edition of Great Pumpkin Spiced Brown Ale

By CBN • September 25, 2019

REGINA, SK – Bushwakker Brewing has announced that this year’s edition of a highly anticipated autumn seasonal is being released this coming weekend.
Great Pumpkin Spiced Brown Ale (5% abv) features …

Bushwakker Brewing Releasing Joe’s Firkin Squirrel Ale

By CBN • September 4, 2019

REGINA, SK – Bushwakker Brewing has announced the release of a new beer to honour Joe Fafard, a nationally-known visual artist, Order of Canada recipient, and designer …

Bushwakker Brewing Releasing Motherwell Barnstormer Red Fife Witbier

By CBN • August 23, 2019

REGINA, SK – Bushwakker Brewing has announced this year’s edition of an annual beer brewed in partnership with Parks Canada in honour of a local …

Pile O’ Bones Brewing Opening New Location This Week

By CBN • August 19, 2019

REGINA, SK – Pile O’ Bones Brewing has announced that its new brewery and taproom will be opening to the public this week in Regina.
As originally announced …

Pile O’ Bones Brewing Announces Move & Expansion

By CBN • July 17, 2019

REGINA, SK – Pile O’ Bones Brewing has announced that it has almost completed construction on a new brewery and taproom in Regina’s Cathedral neighbourhood …

21st Street Brewery and Blindman Brewing Releasing Resting Peach Face Sour

By CBN • July 5, 2019

SASKATOON, SK – 21st Street Brewery has announced the upcoming release of a new cross-province collaboration with Blindman Brewing of Lancombe, Alberta.
Resting Peach Face (5.2% abv, 11 IBU) …