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Sookram’s Brewing Releasing Cosmos Dry Hopped Sour

By CBN • April 3, 2019

WINNIPEG, MB – Following quickly on the release of its first canned beers, Sookram’s Brewing has announced that its next flagship brand will make its debut later …

Sookram’s Brewing Releases Cans of Macguffin California Common & Desert Island IPA

By CBN • April 2, 2019

WINNIPEG, MB – Sookram’s Brewing, which opened a month ago in Winnipeg’s Fort Rouge district, has announced that two of its core brands are now available in …

Sookram’s Brewing Opening This Week in Winnipeg

By CBN • March 5, 2019

WINNIPEG, MB – A new brewery in Winnipeg’s Fort Rouge district has announced that it will be opening to the public this week.
Sookram’s Brewing …