Labatt & Brick Settle Trademark Lawsuit


WATERLOO, ONBrick Brewing and Labatt Brewing announced today that they have settled the trademark infringment lawsuit raised by Labatt against Brick last month. The suit alleged that the packaging of Brick’s Red Baron brand was too similar to that of Brava, a brand brewed by Labatt subsidiary Lakeport.

Financial details of the settlement have not been revealed, but as a result of the deal, Brick as agreed to redesign their Red Baron packaging in the near future.

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  1. Absolutely rediculous !! The 2 labels look NOTHING alike aside the fact that the label designer was the same person, the main writing is on a slant and some colors are the same. I used to be a Lakeport Honey and Brava drinker but now im going to switch to Red Baron for 2 reasons. 1 – Anyone stupid enough to sue over something so different deserves to loose business. 2 – I live in Waterloo right around the corner from Brick Brewery so im going to support my local brewer !
    Labatt you suck ass, dont you make enough money ?? Long live the little guy !!

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