Beyond The Pale Brewing Opening on November 29th

OTTAWA, ONOmnivore’s Ottawa, the food and drink blog written by Ron Eade for the Ottawa Citizen website, has reported that Beyond The Pale Brewing will be opening in Ottawa’s Hintonburg neighbourhood on Thursday November 29th.

Founded by partners Robert McIsaac, Shane Clark, and his father Al Clark, plans for Beyond The Pale were first announced in the late summer, and the trio has spent the last several months dealing with paperwork, construction and other issues related to starting a small brewery in Ontario.

The team is currently brewing and fermenting beer for the opening, and will launch with four brands:

  • Rye Guy – a 6.7% IPA brewed using rye malt
  • The Darkness – a 6.0% Oatmeal Stout
  • Imperial Super Guy – a 9.1% Imperial IPA
  • Pink Fuzz – a 6.0% Grapefruit Wheat Ale

The beers will be available at the brewery store in 64 oz growlers ($12 + $4 deposit) and 32 oz half-growlers ($7 + $3 deposit), as well as 20 L and 50 L kegs.

For more details, see the full article on Omnivore’s Ottawa, as well as the Beyond The Pale Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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