BC Liquor Stores to Increase Selection of Local Beer Brands


VICTORIA, BC – The British Columbia Government announced that locations of the government-owned BC Liquor Stores chain will soon be offering a wider selection of local craft beer to customers.

From the statement:

To tailor each store’s selection of microbrewery products to its local market, beginning on Nov. 30, 2015, BC Liquor Stores will accept up to 12 non-listed products from the breweries closest to their location. Non-listed products are products that are not generally sold across the BC Liquor Stores chain.

The statement also notes that for the purposes of this program, “microbreweries are considered to be those that produce 15,000 hectolitres (HL) or less annually,” meaning that 102 breweries in the province will be eligible to be featured.

The program has no planned end date, although the chain will “periodically review the offerings to ensure that products available on shelves continue to be aligned with consumer demand.”

For more details, see the full announcement from the BC Government.

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