Duggan's Brewery to Open Soon

TORONTO, ON – Michael Duggan, the founding brewmaster at Mill Street Brewery and more recently brewer at Cool Brewing, has announced that he will soon be opening Duggan’s Brewery at 75 Victoria Street in downtown Toronto.

This address is well known to Toronto beer drinkers as it once housed Denison’s Brewing as well as an associated trio of restaurants, Growler’s Pub, Louie’s Brasserie and Conchy Joe’s Oyster Bar.

Duggan’s will also include an on-site restaurant as well as a retail outlet, and Duggan tells Great Canadian Pubs & Beer that he is “going to try to have 8 beers on tap all the time, trying being the key word. I’ll have the #9 IPA, a Pale Ale and seasonal products like an Oktoberfest, Pilsner, Weiss and more. I like the idea of rotating seasonals, so I’ll be rotating the line-up four times a year.”

If all goes as planned, brewing will start this week, and the doors will open in mid-September. Bottles of Duggan’s #9 IPA should be available to take-home purchase soon afterward.

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