Moosehead To Launch New Flavoured Light Beer

ST. JOHN, NB – The New Brunswick Business Journal reports that Moosehead Breweries are developing a new flavoured light beer to complement their popular Moosehead Light Lime, although it has yet to be announced what the flavour will be.

According to the article, the beer and all related packaging and branding is being developed on a shorter than usual timeline:

Moosehead typically spends six months to a year developing a new product, but this summer it’s hoping five to six weeks will be enough.

The company is planning to launch a flavoured light beer by the end of June, which means a compressed timeline for everything from discussions with the liquor corporation to marketing, packaging and design decisions. Not to mention the small matter of choosing a flavour and brewing the actual beer.

An announcement regarding the flavour of the beer and other details is expected later this month.

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