Duggan’s Brewery Closes, But May Reopen Soon

UPDATE (April 21st): The closure of Duggan’s has been confirmed to be permanent. More details are available here.

TORONTO, ON – Downtown Toronto brewery and restaurant Duggan’s Brewery was closed down yesterday (Tuesday, April 19th) due to a dispute with the landlord, but there are reports that the closure may not be permanent.

First mention of the closure came via a post on the discussion forum of Toronto-based craft beer website The Bar Towel which read:

The front doors of Duggan’s are all boarded up and nailed shut. There’s an eviction notice dated today (April 19th) saying the landlord has taken back the property. That’s all I know. Looks like it’ll be closed for a while…

Later in the thread, however, Bar Towel owner Cass Enright responded that he’d heard from Duggan’s that they “should be reopening soon […] likely in a day or so.”

In addition, Toronto Star business reporter and beer writer Josh Rubin posted on his Twitter feed:

Mike Duggan says he hopes brewpub will reopen this week. Shut down because “landlord made a mistake. lawyers working right now to fix it.”

It’s unclear at this time what the “mistake” was that caused the eviction notice to be posted, and exactly how long it will take to “fix it,” but updates will be posted here as they are available.

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