Lake of Bays Officially Announces Rebranding of Core Beers

BAYSVILLE, ON – More than a month after the news was leaked by the Albums & Ales blog, Lake of Bays Brewing has officially announced a rebranding of its two year-round beers, Pale Ale and Rousse Red Ale.

While the beer inside the bottles won’t be changing, the names and labels will be:

Lake of Bays’ Pale Ale becomes Crosswind Pale Ale, a tip of the hat to bush pilots past and present. The bi-plane pictured on the bottle is loosely based on the de Havilland Fox Moth, a Canadian-built passenger bi-plane manufactured in the 1930s and put to good use by bush aviation pioneers such as Arthur Fecteau and Wardair founder Max Ward. Beer drinkers are invited to “land one.”

Lake of Bays’ Rousse is becoming Spark House Red Ale, a tribute to rural forest rangers whose job it is to protect vast and unspoiled tracts of Northern forest. Pictured on the bottle is the iconic image of a Northern Ontario fire tower, like the one that visitors can climb in nearby Dorset. Spark House gives a pop culture nod to the 1960s CBC series “Forest Rangers” — Canada’s first TV show produced in colour — and to Red Green’s Ranger Gord, up there in Tower 3.

Both beers will be relaunched this summer in new packaging that is similar in style to the summer seasonal 10 Point IPA.

Also mentioned in the press release is that the brewery is developing “a premium lager and a Maple Blonde” for future release.

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  1. I had the 10 Point IPA and it was great. I really enjoyed it, despite the price.

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