Creemore Springs Brewery Confirms Details of Expansion Plans


CREEMORE, ONCreemore Springs Brewery has announced plans for a two phase expansion that greatly increase brewing capacity, as well as adding roughly 30% to the brewery workforce.

First approved in 2010, the expansion was originally opposed by some residents of the village of Creemore where the brewery is located, but negotiation led to it being given final go-ahead last year.

The first phase of the expansion is set to take place this year, and will include the construction of an addition on the back of the building to house a new electrical room, malt silos, and fermenters, as well as the move of existing malt silos inside. A new warehouse, cooler and loading area will follow in the autumn.

Phase two will occur in 2014, and will involve the installation of 10 further fermenters at the back of the building, and a new addition on the Main Street side to house a new retail store, office space, and a packaging hall.

The increase in production capacity will necessitate the hiring of 30 new employees, raising the Creemore Springs workforce to 134.

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