Townsite Brewing Hulks Series to Continue with YOGN 82


POWELL RIVER, BCTownsite Brewing has announced the upcoming release of the next installment in an annual series of beers inspired but a unique local landmark.

The Hulks Series is named after a group of ships known as “The Hulks” that make up a floating breakwater in the Powell River near the brewery. Each beer in the series is named after one of the vessels that makes up the group.

The series was initiated last year with a Belgian Tripel called Charleston, and for this year’s release, brewmaster Cedric Dauchot – seen in the photo above bottling the new beer – has refined the original recipe and renamed it YOGN 82:

YOGN 82 will have less boozy aromas, more citrus notes and a lighter body than the original, but the same floral nose. Be sure to handle this one with care or you may not see the 9% ABV coming until it’s too late…

Townsite YOGN 82 is expected to be released next week.

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