Short Finger Brewing and Half Hours On Earth Release Reducto Eis-Sour

KITCHENER, ON – Short Finger Brewing has announced the release of a new barrel-aged beer that has spent so long aging that the brewery they co-created it with no longer exists.

Reducto Eis-Sour (11.9% abv):

Back in February 2019, we had Kyle and Kristen from Half Hours On Earth down to work on our collaboration beer. The resulting beer is Reducto, an 11.9% Barrel Aged Eis-Sour Grape Ale. The base of this beer is a golden sour primary fermented with Zinfandel juice. As primary fermentation was winding down, we waited until the coldest possible day forecasted, moved the beer from a stainless fermenter to a tote, and put it outside for 24 hours while it was -30C outside. The result was that we were able to freeze out just over 50% of the liquid volume. After the freezing, we transferred the remaining beer directly into a second-use wine barrel. From there, it was tucked away in a corner for three and a half years. Unfortunately, in the time that I was waiting on this beer, Half Hours on Earth closed its doors.

In a post on the Short Finger website, brewer Rob Hern provided more information about the beer, and also put out a plea for Kyle and Kristen to get in touch and come try the beer as he’s been unable to reach them.

Reducto is available now at the Short Finger retail store and online shop.

Source & Photo: Short Finger Brewing

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