Brasseurs du Monde Launching Spirits Line of Extra-Strong Beers


SAINT-HYACINTHE, QCBrasseurs du Monde has announced that it will be using its upcoming 3rd anniversary celebrations as an opportunity to launch a new series of exceptionally strong beers, with one of them being the strongest beer to ever be released in bottles by a Canadian brewery.

The Brasseurs du Monde Spirits Line will be debuted with two bold beers – Élixir and Mauvaise Influence – that are described as follows:

Élixir, measuring 17.3%, was developed using a wide variety of spices and aromatic herbs. The result: a caramel-colored, full bodied malt liquor whose mellow, malty taste and honeyed texture combine with smooth and complex aromatic flavours to end on a very low bitterness.

Mauvaise Influence, weighing in at 21%, is the strongest bottled beer in Canada. Period. Inspired by American brewers, who were the first to push beer fermentation to its extreme limits, this brew presents more intense flavours that are somehow reminiscent of sweetish burnt caramel, an intense porter and caramelized coffee. The overcooked marmalade aftertaste of its bitterness bears witness to its generous hopping.

As with other extra-strong beers such as Samuel Adams Utopias and many BrewDog products, these beers are described as being “without noticeable effervescence and best sampled close to room temperature in a cognac style glass.”

Élixir and Mauvaise Influence will be available for this first time at the Brasseurs du Monde 3rd Annversary Party, taking place at the brewery this coming Saturday June 7th. 900 bottles of each brand will be available for the day, with sales limited to 2 bottles per person. A wider retail roll-out will follow in coming weeks.

For more details, see the full press release.

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