Hog’s Head Brewing Reportedly Shut Down


ST. ALBERT, AB – On Beer reports that Hog’s Head Brewing – a St. Albert-based brewery that also brews the Amber’s and Roughneck beer brands – appears to have suspended operations.

While no official announcement has been made, On Beer author Jason Foster notes that he has heard rumours of the closure from a number of sources. He also notes other evidence in support of the speculation:

In addition to people’s talk, there are a few key facts that lead me to this conclusion, although I will spare you too many details. The brewing staff appear to have all been let go. The head brewer is working elsewhere and no one can tell me if a new brewer has been hired. Recently the Hog’s Head brewhouse was on sale at probrewer.com, as was a bunch of other equipment and supplies, including kegs and their famous beer trailer. The website has become an unrecognizable mess.

On top of this, Hog’s Head’s Twitter and Instagram accounts have been shut down, and its Facebook page has been taken over by a disgruntled investor that posted about the brewery’s financial difficulties several times in April.

It’s unknown at this time if the Hog’s Head brand or brewery will be revived.

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