Sextant Craft Brewery Launches First Brand in Toronto


TORONTO, ON – Sextant Craft Brewery, a new contact brewery based in Toronto, has announced the release of its first beer brand.

Founded by the husband and wife team Dave Wingfelder and Cindy Eveline, Sextant has been launched with Sextant Pale Ale, a 4.9% abv and 43 IBU ale that is described as follows:

Our take on the quintessential American Pale Ale. It offers a burst of citrus and pine on the nose and the finish is marked by a crisp yet moderate bitterness courtesy of an abundance of Cascade hops. Golden pale in colour, it’s refreshing and well-balanced making it the ideal beer to accompany you and your friends on your next adventure.

Sextant Pale Ale is on draught now at The Cloak & Dagger (394 College St.), and soon at other locations in Toronto. For more details, see the Sextant Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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