Pump House Releases Crafty Radler


MONCTON, NB – Pump House Brewery has announced the release of a new summer seasonal brand.

Pump House Crafty Radler is a 4.7% abv citrus-flavoured beer with the following description:

Our Crafty Radler includes a mix of grapefruit and tangerine soda that we created in-house. It exhibits a natural cloudy pink colour from the added juice. This mixture gives off a refreshing smell of ripe, freshly sliced grapefruit with sweet notes of ripened tangerines. There is also a slight lingering aroma of Willamette hops that create the base of this delicious blend. The taste of this Crafty Radler is as appealing to the taste buds as it is to the nose; the grapefruit flavour dances with the sweetness of tangerines, while the malt and hops give a balanced foundation.

Pump House Crafty Radler made its official debut this past weekend at the Atlantic Beer Festival in Moncton, and is now available in 473 ml cans and on tap at the Pump House restaurant and brewpub.

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