The 3 Brewers Opens Newest Location in Toronto’s Liberty Village


TORONTO, ON – Brewpub chain The 3 Brewers has announced the opening of its newest location in the Liberty Village neighbourhood of Toronto.

Located in the historic Brunswick Factory building at the corner of Liberty and Atlantic, The 3 Brewers Liberty is the sixth of the chain to open in the Greater Toronto Area, and the 19th overall in Ontario and Quebec.

In addition to the standard line-up of 3 Brewers year-round and rotating seasonal brands, the Liberty location is offering one exclusive “neighbourhood” brand – Hi-Fidelity Pale Ale – which is a 5.7% abv and 35 IBU ale with the following backstory:

The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company of Canada Limited introduced the Brunswick phonograph in 1917 and opened a large factory right here at 99 Atlantic Ave. After producing their own records for more than ten years, they ended up selling their entire music division to Warner Brothers in 1930. From that day forward music and beer have never sounded better. Introduce yourself to Hi-Fidelity and enjoy a taste of history.

For more details, see the 3 Brewers Liberty webpage.

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