Garrison Releases Miley Citrus Double IPA


HALIFAX, NSGarrison Brewing has announced the release of a new limited edition beer that it describes as being “like getting hit in the taste buds with a bag of tangerines!”

Miley Citrus Double IPA is further described on Atlantic Canada Beer Blog as follows:

Packed with flavour from all late and whirlpool additions of the unsubtly-named Citra hop variety, this time it was married to the dank and piney Simcoe and the also dank, but predominantly fruity Australian variety Topaz. Coming in on the lower end for a DIPA, but still a plenty dangerous 7.6% ABV and 66 IBU, this one shouldn’t be a wrecking ball to your palate with bitterness, but may well be with hop flavor. Described as “citrus-forward”, it features matched aromas and flavours of fresh-peeled orange, tangerine and sweet orange marmalade with a grapefruit pith finish.

Miley Citrus is on tap exclusively at the Garrison brewery store, where it is available for growler fills and samples.

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