2 Crows Brewing Opening Next Week in Halifax

HALIFAX, NSThe Coast reports that 2 Crows Brewing will be opening its brewery and taproom next week in Halifax.

Located at 1932 Brunswick St., 2 Crows has been founded by Mark Huizink, Kelly Huizink and Jeremy Taylor, with the article noting that “Kelly will work the bar come opening, Mark (her husband) is the business side and Taylor is their brewer, with a distilling degree from Scotland under his belt.”

Core beers from the brewery will include Pollyanna Wild Northeast IPA (7.3% abv, 64 IBU), Liesse Table Beer (3.5% abv, 16 IBU), and Pecadillo Oat Pilsner (4.8% abv, 28 IBU). Also available at opening will be the seasonal Innisfree Rustic Farmhouse Saison (7.6% abv, 28 IBU).

2 Crows Brewing will officially launch on Saturday January 28th, with business hours set to be 12:00 noon to 10:00 PM on Thursday to Saturday, and 12:00 noon to 8:00 PM on Sunday to Wednesday.

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