Great Lakes Brewery Unveils New Pilot System

TORONTO, ONGreat Lakes Brewery has announced that owner Peter Bulut has “bought the brewery a little birthday present” for its 30th anniversary: a 7-barrel pilot brewing system for the creation of new and experimental beers.

Accompanied by four 15-barrel fermenters, the new system – which resembles the fire-heated copper German brew kettle that the brewery used on its main brewing system for more than 2 decades – will allow the GLB brewers to “expand on the creativity of our experimental brews, going from 40-70 litres on the old pilot set-up to 700-1400 litres.”

The first beer brewed on the new system was actually an old favourite, with Bulut creating a batch of Orange Peel Ale, a seasonal beer that was retired several years ago. It was brewed last Friday along with a pale ale featuring an new experimental hop variety, and both beers will be available in growlers and on draught in the GLB retail store and taproom in coming weeks.

For more details, see the full announcement on the GLB website.

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