Steel & Oak Brewers Series Continues with Khlib Bread Beer

NEW WESTMINSTER, BC – Steel & Oak Brewing has announced details of the latest release in its Brewers Series of bottle conditioned beers that feature “some really unique styles on a small scale”, and serve as “a vehicle for our brewers to experiment with new ingredients”.

Khlib (5.1% abv) was inspired by kvass, a traditional Eastern European beer style made with rye bread. It’s described as follows:

Cascading loaves of beautiful rye, buckwheat, and whole wheat sourdough bread from Solodko Bakery in New West went into the mash of this Kvass inspired beer. Khlib is fermented with a Belgian yeast strain and has notes of toast, spice and fruit.

Khlib is launching today in a limited run of 500 ml bottles at the Steel & Oak tasting room and store, and will be available soon at select private liquor stores around Metro Vancouver.

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