Category 12 Brewing Announces Pair of Seasonal Stouts

VICTORIA, BC – Category 12 Brewing has announced the release of two seasonal stouts, including the return of “a rousing favourite,” and a new beer that is “gently heavier on the palate.”

Back for its annual late autumn appearance is Excitation Espresso Stout (6.4% abv), which is described as follows:

Excitation Espresso Stout uses ethically-sourced espresso roast beans from our neighbours at Level Ground Trading, in addition to cacao nibs. We used a cold-brew extraction process to help reduce the acidity carried forward in the brew while preserving the flavour and aroma. We’re happy to report there is less caffeine than a decaf coffee in the finished product, so feel free to enjoy for an evening libation!

Brand new this year is Super Symmetry Oatmeal Stout (5.9% abv), which has the following notes:

Super Symmetry will have you tripping the light fantastic (or perhaps that’s something else that’s recently become legal?)! Oats are used to increase the body and mouth feel, balancing, in perfect symmetry, the 5.9% ABV with a rich flavour that will spin you away from the world of obligatory interactions into your own reality. Years of experience confirms that’s a good thing.

Both beers are available now at the brewery, with Excitation in bottles, Super Symmetry in cans, both in glasses and growlers. They will also be stocked soon at select craft beer friendly liquor stores and bars in British Columbia.

Source & Photo: Category 12 Brewing mailing list

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