Ontario Government Budget for 2019 Promises More “Choice & Convenience” for Beer Consumers

TORONTO, ON – The Ontario Government has released its 2019 Budget, and as was expected, several changes to alcohol legislation in the province are being promised.

A number of changes related to beer sales are planned to be implemented by the summer, including:

  • Creating a tailgating permit for eligible sporting events.
  • Permitting municipalities to allow the legal consumption of alcohol in parks and other public areas.
  • Removing serving size limits for “by the glass” licences that are used by many breweries and other alcohol producers.
  • Implementing a 9:00 AM start time for alcohol service at licensed establishments and events.
  • Changing advertising rules to allow for “happy hour” promotions at bars and restaurants.

In the longer term, the government is continuing to plan for the expansion of retail sales of beer and wine to convenience stores, big box retailers, and more grocery stores in the province, although no further details were announced beyond what was said in previous reports.

For more details, see the Improving Choice and Convenience for Alcohol Consumers Backgrounder, and the full Ontario Budget 2019.

Source: Ontario Government news release

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