Twin Sails Brewing Releasing Quartet of Wild Ales This Weekend

PORT MOODY, BC – Twin Sails Brewing has announced details of four new wild ales that will be released this weekend.

El Cacto Tequila Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale with Lime Zest (7.9% abv):

Inspired by one of our favourite cocktails, the Margarita, this farmhouse style ale was fermented and aged in reposado tequila barrels for 8 months. We then rested it on a healthy dose of lime zest right before packaging to create a beer bursting with fresh citrus and floral notes balanced with a light acidity and tequila on the finish.

Borealis Wild Ale and Cider Hybrid (6.1% abv):

During the harvest season of 2018, we isolated a strain of lactobacillus off the skins of apples from Dominion Cider’s orchards. We then used this bacteria in conjunction with a blend of sacch and brett strains to ferment a simple farmhouse style beer in neutral oak barrels. It was then blended with Dominion’s wild fermented cider made from Aurora apples creating a harmonious blend of crispness and funk.

Vibes Wild Ale with Mosaic and Amarillo (5.6% abv):

Initially brewed into stainless, this beer was dry hopped with a large dose of Mosaic and Amarillo before being moved into oak. Wild yeast and bacteria were then added to encourage long term bio-transformaton of hop compounds giving it a complex, dry yet tropical aroma and flavour profile.

Pollen Farmhouse Ale with Honey (7.9% abv):

We brewed this beer using malt from the Skagit valley and locally sourced honey, then aged it for 8 months in barrels from an Okanagan winery. An homage to the ingredients that surround us, this beer drinks light and dry, with the honey lending a beautiful floral nose and a touch of fruitiness.

All four beers will be released tomorrow (July 6th) in 500 ml bottles at the brewery, and can be pre-ordered now via the Twin Sails online store.

Source & Photo: Twin Sails Brewing Facebook page

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